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change number of job slots in grid engine

Having done it so many times, and having forgotten it so many times, now I have to write it down:

qconf -mq all.q


fail-safe wget

when you have a script using wget to download files, you can make the script safe to re-run by allowing wget to continue on downloaded files by adding “-c” to your command line. wget will check the existing file size, download or skip it accordingly.


Android ? or Not .

I have only been playing with Android for a few weeks. Overall, I think Android has good quality and bring some fresh air to iPhone alternatives. But it is far from perfect, and I think it will have bigger problems with its increasing popularity. People have mentioned the fragmentation problem Android has. In my own experience, it can upset users. I bought my phone with 2.1 Android, and I rooted it to install 2.2 Android. Soon after that, I found out that there are quite a few apps I like disappeared from 2.2 Android Market. I found it may become a reason for people to stay with old version of Android, and the fragmentation will become worse.


A evening with Windows 7

Since I installed Ubuntu on my desktop, I haven’t used Windows for almost two years now. My wife doesn’t like OSX, because she’s used to Windows’ user interface. So she bought a Sony laptop. She complaint this evening that I have used her laptop, and I made it very slow. So I had to “fix” it for her. The problem turned out to be Opera. By default, Opera has “smooth scroll” enabled, which makes scrolling very unnatural. I turned it off for her. I also installed Chrome for her. Now she is happy.

A side note: I think Opera has lost the edge. It was never a major browser, so many website doesn’t really optimise for it. It made more difficult for Opera to gain popularity. It is sad though because it was the best browser, at least used to be.